The goal of the SAUBC and Yebo Doctor™️ partnership is to reach the masses in this country, who are not able to access medical support through traditional channels at a price they can afford. Yebo Doctor will look after both South Africans and foreign nationals, making sure that no one is left behind.

Affordable medical service

Yebo Doctor has successfully provided cost-effective emergency medical assistance to millions of South Africans since 1994, at an affordable rate.

National call centre

Their call centre has operated the Vodacom Emergency 112 line and Vodacom 147 Medical, home and roadside assistance Yebo Gogo Line.

Assistance for SMME's

Assists SMME’s with a cost-effective medical solution for their employees and families, reducing the financial burden of more expensive solutions.

Healthy employees work better

A cost-effective solution reduces absenteeism and increases productivity levels up for those with no access to doctors and medicine.

Yebo Doctor™️ currently operates 24/7/365 days a year in all 11 official languages and provide access to a network of 3500 doctors, as well as 95% of pharmacies throughout South Africa. Shareen Richter, Yebo Doctor™️ CEO says: “It is time to remove medical injustice in this country especially now. Everyone is entitled to be cared for when they are sick. Yebo Doctor™️ is here to pivot the way we provide access to health care for the millions of people in South Africa, whose only previous option may have been standing in long lines for many hours to be seen and treated by a health care professional.”


Yebo Doctor™️ is available to everyone, with no age limitations or exclusions. Members may be residents or non-residents of South Africa, and each member pays the same monthly premium, including children. This is not a medical aid or insurance policy, but you can sign up even if you’re already a member of one.

Yebo Doctor™️ allows unlimited GP visits as long as each one is authorised by contacting the call centre. They contribute R100 per visit for over-the-counter medication up to R1000 per year. There is a 24-hour medical advice line in all 11 official languages.

Benefits commence as soon as membership is active, within 72 hours of confirming your registration and payment. Yebo Doctor™️ covers the costs of doctors within their network, with no co-payment once you’re authorised for treatment.

For doctors not on the network, Yebo Doctor™️ will transfer R400 via eWallet towards the costs. To use the services, you need your ID or passport number and photo identification.