The objectives of AUBC, as a comprehensive business & economic federation, is to contribute to the self-sustained development of the African economy and the improvement of the lives of citizens, by drawing out the dynamism of Export Councils, Industry Associations, Joint Action Groups & Corporations as well as interact with Government & Communities that support them. 


An Inclusive business & economic body


AUBC is an African comprehensive business and economic organization with a membership comprised of representative companies of Africa, nationwide industrial associations, and regional joint economic organizations.


Our mission as a comprehensive business and economic organization is to draw upon the vitality of corporations, individuals and local communities to support business activities that contribute to the self-sustaining development of the African economy and improvement in the quality of life for the African people.

Enhanced Results-Oriented Engagement


For this purpose, AUBC establishes consensus in the business community on a variety of important domestic and international issues for their steady and prompt resolution. At the same time, we communicate with a wide range of stakeholders including political leaders, administrators, labour unions, and citizens. We encourage our members to adhere to the Charter of Corporate Behavior in an effort to establish and maintain public confidence in the business community.


We also strive for the resolution of international issues and the development of closer economic relations with various countries through policy dialogue with the governments, economic associations of each country as well as international organizations.


The AUBC facilitates contribution to more if not all of Africa’s most active, important & productive sectors of economy/businesses which are very essential to the development of public policy that supports long-term economic growth for the benefit of all Africans.


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Our members are business organisations represented by their Presidents/Chairmans or CEOs whose primary objective is to generate national wealth, create jobs and ensure Africa keeps up with rapid, ongoing economic change. Our members operate in various industry sectors in different parts of Africa and internationally, giving the Business Council a vast, economy-wide perspective.


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Our members determine our work program and policy positions by participating in our policy committees, special-issue task forces, and the Business Council board.

The full membership meets quarterly in different parts of Africa or anywhere Internationally, and both the President and Chief Executive are in regular contact with member organisations.


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AUBC develops its policy positions based on rigorous research of domestic and international best practices, consulting externally to allow our policy positions to be widely contested.


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Our policy advice is delivered through submissions, research papers, tools and resources, speeches and presentations, and day-to-day meetings with senior policymakers at all levels of government and in all political parties.